Gut Symmetries or group work…

Can time stand still? What is it about an event that leaves us feeling somewhere between stillness and movement, in the space of what was before, and whatever comes next?

Nosh and Stammer

Premiere: 2011 Dancing on the Edge Festival, Vancouver, Canada
Length: 40 Minutes
Concept and Direction: Laura Hicks
Choreography: Laura Hicks with Caroline Farquhar and Anne Cooper
Dancers: Caroline Farquhar, Anne Cooper, and Laura Hicks
Sound (live): Rachel Wadham
Lighting Design: James Maxwell
Voice / Physical Theatre Coach: Tanya Marquhardt
Fight Coach: David Bloom
Outside Eye: Daelik Hackenbrook

Created with the generous support of the The Scotiabank Dance Centre Artist in Residency Program, and financial assistance from The BC Arts Council and The Canada Council for the Arts.

Strange Loops

In “Strange Loops”, the performers create a space that brings people and seemingly contradictory cultural experiences together.